Booklook XX: Billy Bones Winter Hats

July 25, 2022

Booklook XX: Sombreros Billy Bones Invierno - BESTIAS

A hat is an element that marks an important presence in the wardrobe. We know this because we love them and that's why we always encourage the use of one in your look.

Not only do they mark presence, they are also ideal to spend hot or cold times, since they protect from the sun's rays, or from the coldest temperatures, keeping your head comfortable, giving you a lot of style.

This time we will talk about how to combine a great Billy Bones hat, which you find available in our store and that will accompany you wherever you go.

They look great with various outfits and accessories. We show you some infallible ones so that you can enjoy all your panoramas, walks and activities.

with long coats

A look with a lot of presence is the one you wear with a long coat, your favorite Beasts and your Bones.

Playing with the tones among your accessories can give presence to some of these elements and enhance the visibility of your footwear.

Undoubtedly, a great mix to use in various contexts, especially to be outdoors in times when temperatures drop, your hat helps you with the sun's rays and to keep your head warm.

With dresses, wide pants and your boots Beasts

A Bones goes very well with a Bestias Bucardo or a Toro Suede and a long dress or wide trousers with a flared hem.

They are looks that give presence to your footwear and make the tractor-type sole of your boots combine with the look of your hat.

Combine them with belts

We love accessory mixes, because we believe that the details make a difference. so don't hesitate to wear a Beast belt like the asio, with a large circular buckle with a bones.

hats and bananas

Wherever you go, they are two essential companions on the road and journeys. Both give a very stylish look.

Take your banana Compa Bag with your must-haves on the road (smartphone, keys, a notebook, a camera, your wallet, among others) with your Bones hat everywhere.

Ideal for the trip

A Bones and a Wiken bag are two travel companions that give you comfort and the best of design.

Your Wiken bag will help you carry everything you need for a short trip, since it has compartments that help you organize the essentials and your Bones, the protection for what the weather brings and style for your walks.

Enjoy the versatility of Billy Bones Hats, for various contexts along with the other accessories we have available for you.

Obviously with the presence of your favorite Beasts, which will comfortably carry you to your next steps.

Remember that we have different sizes and models available. Find out what is happening in design and style trends for all your outfits. Visit us.

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