Essentials: Banana "Compa Bag"

December 20, 2021

Esenciales: Banano "Compa Bag" - BESTIAS

Going out comfortably is essential so that you can carry out all the activities you have scheduled, without the need to carry heavy equipment or fill your pockets with everything you need to leave the house.

Whether you're going for a day of walking, a walk, shopping or sharing with your friends, you need an accessory that will accompany you to facilitate the transport of your belongings, as well as to look very stylish.

For this reason, we invite you to get to know our line of Compa Bag bananas and take advantage of all the benefits of having one of them in your accessories.

What is Compa Bag banana like?

Our new line of Compa Bag bananas is born from the combination of comfort and style. We specifically thought of an accessory that allows you to transport your belongings, such as wallets, house keys, a notebook or even a compact photo camera.

You decide what you want to transport, we will tell you why you can trust in carrying everything you can think of from one place to another.

The Compa Bags are constructed from high-strength, waterproof Hypora fabric in conjunction with a smooth leather chamois.

They are highly resistant and adjustable, so you will have no problem transporting light things or some heavier ones.

These bananas have a series of characteristics that give them unparalleled quality:

  • The Compa Bag size is 25x11x9, so it is really comfortable and easy to transport.
  • They have a double trolley with leather handles in the main compartment and a waterproof closure.
  • It has a front pocket with an invisible zipper and leather pull. Inside, it is lined with Super Soft Anti-Scratch fabric, so you can safely store delicate items such as glasses, cameras, your cell phone, among others.
  • The presence of side straps with a plastic buckle allows you to add other structures or accessories, such as a bicycle, a motorcycle or attached to a larger backpack.
  • It has a double adjustment main strap with a magnetic buckle for automatic closure.

In what contexts can a Banana Compa Bag be used?

The answer to this question really only depends on you and the context that best suits you to use it, since there are many possibilities in which having a Compa Bag is a great ally to transport everything you need to carry, with comfort and accessibility that characterizes this type of accessories.

In addition, at Bestiasxx we have three varieties of colors in the application of Hypora fabric, mixed with the natural leather that is part of the body of the banana, so you can combine them as you prefer.

For example, some of the most frequent contexts of use are:

  • On walks and hikes.
  • To go to carry out procedures or purchases.
  • At a meeting with friends.
  • To go on bike.
  • To walk with your pets.
  • To go on a date.

banana compa bag

You already know, having an accessory like the Compa Bag banana is a great ally in your activities. They are very comfortable, adjustable to your body, resistant and very stylish.

We invite you to discover this and other accessories and products that we have at Bestiasxx available for you. Always with the quality of handmade products and top quality materials. Visit us.

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