Essentials: Mole Classic Wallet

May 05, 2022

Esenciales: Billetera Mole Classic - BESTIAS

Imagine that you are going through the city and stop by a coffee to go, then you need to take the subway to get where you are going.

In the middle of your route you go through an ATM to withdraw some cash, and on that journey various specific activities are added, which end in a meeting with friends in a bar.

The whole day was full of moments in which you must take out your cards and tickets or a document that you must have at hand.

At Bestias we know that a wallet is an ally for our day to day and above all an excellent company for our activities.

Because a leather wallet not only gives you the guarantee of being a resistant and durable material, it is also always synonymous with a very stylish look.

Our Mole wallet has a variety of benefits and features that make it a model you'll love and won't want to part with.

We invite you to meet her.

Classic Mole Wallet

This beautiful and simple design has become one of the favorites of lovers of the sober and functional.

It contains applications so you can organize your cards and bills.

The Mole have a coin pocket, allowing you to carry everything you need to go wherever you want without the need to carry your pockets full and messy.

Also, remember that leather is a highly resistant material, so your wallet will last much longer than other brands made with other types of material.

They also feature an elastic closure that keeps your wallet compact at all times, so it's great if you're wearing tight clothes or if you just don't want your wallet to be seen.

So you can imagine wearing your new Mole Classic

  • Measurements: 11.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 cm.
  • It has 7 compartments to store your cards.
  • It has two compartments for your bills.
  • It has a purse so that nothing is loose.
classic mole wallet

Nothing like walking around with accessories that make your daily life simpler and make you feel very comfortable wearing an object that you like both in design and functionality.

Therefore, we have no doubt that if simplicity and style are your thing, this wallet is ideal for you. Look for it in our store and fall in love with it ,

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