Essentials: Zip wallet for her

March 28, 2022

Esenciales: Billetera Zip para ellas - BESTIAS

Every time we think of a wallet we know that it is great that they have many compartments , that they are easy to use and access your cards, money or whatever you want to carry inside and above all, that they are aesthetically very cool.

All this is because wallets have become an essential accessory for women, since they allow a comfortable organization of your things and are very stylish.

That's why at Beasts we show you our incredible models of leather wallets for women, so you can choose your favorite. We assure you that you will not want to let them go!

Why choose a leather wallet?

Leather, compared to other materials, is a very noble element, since it has a series of advantages, which is why it is our leading material.

All our products are made with this material, as it is always synonymous with quality.

Among the main characteristics of leather is its resistance and durability, which guarantees a longer useful life compared to other accessories made with other types of materials.

Also, it is always a world trend in fashion and design standards.

Wallet models for women

zip wallet

It is a wallet made with a waterproof closure that has 5 main interior compartments and another 8 smaller ones for the positioning of cards.

Its measurements are 20xx11 x 2.5 cm

Mini Zip Wallet

It has the same features as the Zip wallet, but in a smaller format. Ideal for transporting in a banana, small bag or purse, it even fits in a large pocket.

It has a waterproof closure, 3 large compartments and 5 small ones for cards.

Measures 12.8 x 10.5 x 2cm

You can find both models in the colors white, black, red and natural leather.

A Zip wallet helps you organize your belongings and display accessories with great style and quality.

Visit this and other models that we have available in Bestias so that you can incorporate these practical, comfortable and cute accessory designs into your day to day.

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