Essentials: Selknam silk wool socks

August 01, 2022

Esenciales: Calcetines Selknam de lana seda - BESTIAS

Winter season and surely you think about having your feet as warm as possible.

For this reason, at Bestias we incorporate our new 100% wool-silk selknam line, ideal for spending the seasons with lower temperatures and to show off their beautiful colors.

We invite you to learn more about this new and beautiful line that makes the beasts family grow.

The importance of socks in our outfit

Although socks often go unnoticed in our clothing, we think they are a fundamental part and generate a lot of presence in various combinations.

In addition, there are a number of reasons why they are our great companions, mainly in winter but also in all seasons.

  • They are our allies to regulate the temperature of our feet, since by making silk wool they allow our feet to be covered from low temperatures and together with the porosity of the leather they generate breathability, avoiding wetting that generates a terrible sensation of cold in the feet.
  • They give a special touch to our outfit, since we can play with the colors giving them presence, especially in the mix of jeans or tight pants that end above the ankle.
  • They look incredible with ankle boots , especially tractor soles like the Silus black.
  • You can combine them with other accessories such as hats, beanies in similar tones or scarves.
  • They are very beautiful and comfortable to wear if you go to a house where the shoes are left at the entrance. It is an increasingly common habit.
  • Practical to accompany you on any adventure, if you go on a trip or go to the mountains, take your inevitable pair of colors so you have the option to combine and mix.

importance of socks

As we pointed out, the wool-silk combination delivers all the warmth of wool and the softness of silk to provide you with the greatest comfort and convenience in colder seasons.

Do not miss the opportunity to have your range of colors for every moment. Look for them in our catalog and enjoy the advantages of having this new adventure partner. We will wait for you.

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