Essentials: Back to the punch with the Banana Compa Bag

July 28, 2022

Esenciales: De vuelta a la pega con el Banano Compa Bag - BESTIAS

At Bestias we want all your activities to be supported by the best accessories so that every step you take is accompanied by multiple pluses that give warmth and support to your work.

Under this, imagine the situation of going to work. You are always looking for the best route to get there comfortably, whether by car, on foot, transport or bicycle.

This comfort is enhanced if we have an accessory available that allows us to carry the small things that we need accessible in one place instead of being in our pocket, which even cannot contain everything that we may need nearby.

For this reason, the Banana Compa Bag is ideal for having everything you need to go to work.

The phone at hand to listen to music, your glasses to read a small pocket book or the card for the bus or the metro, the keys to the house or the office, our wallet and the card or cash to go for a coffee.

If you like to take photos, you can include your compact camera, you never know where there may be an opportunity to shoot or where great ideas arise that we cannot let go, so having your notebook at hand is essential.

You go down the street with the peace of mind of having everything you need at hand. This is because the Compa Bag has the quality of being an accessory specially designed to include compartments that help you organize your belongings in small spaces. in addition to the quality of the materials and of course a beautiful design.

Know your Compa Bag

Yes, we can almost guarantee that you are already thinking of having one, if you do not already have one.

We guarantee it because we know that this great banana has special characteristics that make it very comfortable.

Above all because it is adjustable, light and versatile, since you can use it both to return to your pose and for other contexts such as going for a jog, going to a party, a concert, the gym, shopping or going for a walk.

  • The compa bag is made with Hypora fabric, a type of high resistance and waterproof fabric, mixed with the design of a leather bandana.
  • In addition, it has a main compartment with a waterproof closure with double slider and leather handles.
  • It has a pocket on the front with a leather handle and invisible zipper. Inside it is lined with super Soft Anti-Scratch, so no delicate element, such as your glasses or your camera, will suffer mishaps.
  • The Compa Bag features a waterproof zippered pocket on the back with the interior lined with Super Soft Anti-scratch. nothing more comfortable than carrying your cell phone close and safe from scratches and scratches.
  • The main strap with double adjustment and magnetic buckle with automatic closure, together with the side straps of your Compa bag that have a plastic buckle, adapt perfectly to the positions you give it to use it, crossed on the torso, at the waist, or even to a bicycle or a motorcycle.
  • Measurements: 25 x 11 x 9 cm compa bag

No matter what job you have, your Compa Bag adjusts to the various contexts in which you use them.

There are a variety of models and colors so that you can use them in jobs where you need more formality in your clothing or in more colloquial contexts.

We invite you to visit our page and look for your new banana and an ally in your journeys . You'll love it!

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