Summer Essentials: The Eyeglass Strap

December 20, 2021

Esenciales Summer: El strap para anteojos - BESTIAS

Today's life moves us from one place to another and leads us to be aware of multiple things at the same time. It is not a factor of age or bad memory that sometimes you do not remember where you left an object or that it simply falls and you lose it in transit from one place to another.

To avoid this, straps are a great option, as they give you the security of carrying your belongings at all times. 

In summer, we use some accessories that help us protect ourselves from the heat and the sun. In this, the use of glasses is much greater among people, so having a strap that affirms them has multiple advantages.

We invite you to meet them!

Why is the use of eyeglass straps useful?

There are many reasons why wearing eyeglass straps is a great option for those who wear glasses. 

In the summer, there is a significant increase in people wearing sunglasses to avoid UV damage and to better see in the bright light of a clear day or the strong white light of a warm day. but cloudy.

Although, whatever the reason why you decide to wear glasses, the truth is that you do not want to lose them, but in addition to this clear and accurate reason for using a strap, there are other advantages that its use has. We tell you some.

  • Leather straps are ideal for riding a bike . Not only do they firm up your glasses, but by having a higher density than fabric, they create a balance that makes it more difficult for them to move with wind and speed.
  • Leather is a biodegradable material , so it generates a smaller amount of garbage and its use assumes a responsibility with the care of the environment.
  • A leather strap has a longer useful life, since leather is a very resistant and flexible material, so they last longer, which generates a large investment, since it is an economic benefit for your pocket and environmental care. have less garbage emission.
  • Leather straps are very stylish. You will see that they are always a trend, due to their quality and elegance in all contexts. In addition, natural leather combines with all colors of eyeglass frames, but at Bestiasxx we also have a wide variety of colors so you can use your favorites.
  • They are ideal for travel. When you go on a trip, you carry many things between bags, suitcases, backpack, cell phone, among others. Your hands are busier and therefore you move much more. A strap for glasses takes the worry out of you of constantly affirming or adjusting your glasses.
  • Hang up your glasses when you get home. Especially in summer, when you go out much more, you do not want to lose or scratch your sunglasses, so hanging them allows you to have them accessible all the time and prevent them from being damaged in drawers or take them out and put them all the time in a case that you could also end up not finding quickly.

colors strap glasses

At Bestias we have a wide range of adjustable leather straps for all legs and frames, of different colors so you can combine them as you prefer. 

Always remember that we have the highest quality materials and the care of manual production so that you always have the best in design and quality. Don't wait to look for yours and enjoy the comfort of using them this summer.

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