Travel Essentials: The Wiken Bag and Necessair Merchant

December 20, 2021

Esenciales Viaje: El Bolso Wiken y necesair Mercante - BESTIAS

A weekend trip... We need to take everything necessary to make this experience as comfortable as possible and we worry about what is really important, the landscape, rest or perhaps a business, a visit, among other reasons why that we usually move.

But whatever the reason, we remain focused on this trip allowing us to have access to everything we need for our stay in the place. For that, we must try to have accessories that help us organize our belongings and have easy access to them when we are traveling or in the place where we will stay temporarily.

In Beasts, we tell you why we should take a Wiken bag and a Merchant toiletry bag on this journey.

Wicken bag

We prepare our belongings for this trip and we will see that there are some essential objects to take with us.

  • Shoes or sneakers, we don't know if it will rain, if we need to change clothes to a more formal one or the other way around if we travel more formal, maybe one morning we want to go for a run or walk around the place.

It is ideal that our footwear is located in a different place than the clothes, so we avoid staining or contaminating our shoes that were on the floor. Or it is simply much safer and more careful for our footwear to be in a special place instead of possibly being crushed by other belongings.

  • We will take our clothes and personal belongings and it is very important that these are protected from external factors such as the weather or the handling of luggage on a bus or plane. To do this, we need our bag to have a material that makes it waterproof, preventing our clothes from getting wet or from being damaged in any way by an accidental spill on top of our luggage.

In addition, this protection is important if we carry documents or other items of care.

  • We will bring accessories to our trip. For example, a camera, which we will want to use if in the middle of our trip we see a beautiful landscape or if in transit we observe a situation that moves us and we want to portray it. Also for our toiletry bag with our hygiene items, if we want to easily take it out to go to a bathroom at the airport, at the bus terminal or in the middle of the road. We need our bag to have an easily accessible pocket that allows us to compartmentalize our objects.

Wiken bag file

  • 100% made with leather and handmade.

  • It has a compartment for shoes.

  • It has a waterproof textile lining inside.

  • It has a YKK metal zipper.

  • It has a central pocket and an easy access side pocket.

  • Measurements: length 57 cm, width 38 cm and height 26 cm.

  • Color models: Black, Suede camo black, Suede Taupe, Whiskey.

Merchant Bag

It is also very important that on our trip we carry our personal care and hygiene items, whatever we should include, if it is very useful to have a toiletry bag that organizes and separates the smallest objects in our travel bag.

  • We will bring cleaning supplies such as toothpaste, toothbrush, creams, makeup, gel alcohol, medications, among others. Everything that is a mess to find messy in a bag, in this accessory is perfectly organized so that we can include it in a side pocket or directly in the body of our travel bag.
  • If we carry objects that can spill liquids , it is important that our bag has a waterproof protection to prevent the interior from getting wet as well as a possible spill of a cream, shampoo or perfume that can stain other outer garments in our bag.
  • In addition, it is very simple and convenient to have everything on hand in case you need to take these items to a bathroom or include materials that we need to carry in our bag, but then in a smaller bag or backpack on our trip.

Merchant Toiletry File

  • Handmade leather bag.
  • It has a waterproof nylon closure.
  • It has a 6mm cotton cord.
  • It has a capacity of 2.6 liters.
  • Measurements: Length 25 cm, Width 11 cm, Height 19 cm.
  • Color models: Black, Mustard, Ivory, Texas Rustic.

leather toiletry bag

With these accessories we are assured of comfort, resistance, look and style so that our trip is incredible.

We invite you to look at Bestiasxx for your favorite models and accessories for the next tour.

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