Lookbook XX: Cayman, all-season leather sneakers

May 09, 2022

Lookbook XX: Cayman, zapatillas de cuero toda temporada - BESTIAS

Have you ever heard that leather sneakers are only for specific seasons? If so, reading this article you will realize why we do not agree with this statement and surely you do not either.

And it is that leather shoes, far from being a kind of problem, are a great wonder in many ways.

They have a wide variety of advantages that always make them one of the favorites of many people.

On this occasion, we invite you to get to know our model of Cayman sneakers, an ideal Beast for all seasons.

Why always wear your Cayman sneakers

There are plenty of reasons, but we will tell you some of the ones that we are very sure are the favorites of all those who use them.

You will not be cold or hot with your Cayman

With your leather shoes you will not have temperature problems, since leather, by nature, is a material that regulates the passage of external climate to your feet.

Therefore, whether it is very cold or very hot, your feet will stay at the right temperature for you.

In addition, due to their porosity and breathability, they keep your feet away from moisture, which is very comfortable to accompany you throughout the day.

They are very comfortable

Your leather shoes have the particularity of being flexible, therefore, they adapt to the shape of your foot and walk, avoiding friction and scratches that happen with other types of footwear materials.

You can use your Cayman in different contexts, since there are several models so you can combine various more casual or formal looks.

They last a long time!

Leather has a high resistance, so the useful life of your footwear is greatly extended with this material.

They have fewer cracks and tears, plus they are easy to clean.

They combine with everything!

Use your Caymans with everything you can think of. In beasts we have different colors and models so you can use it at work, in a meeting with friends, to go for a walk or go to a concert.

You give it to use, we assure you that you will find a special model for you.

As you can see, the Caymans are ideal for all seasons. These have a beautiful design with simple lines, with timeless cuts which include them in the trends of contemporary models.

In addition, they are made by hand, by cold vulcanization and with excellent quality materials.

handmade leather sneakers

We invite you to try the experience of having your next beasts and notice the comfort and well-being of using them.

Nothing better than wearing shoes with which you feel comfortable and above all with a lot of style. Visit us!

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