Lookbook XX: Choose your favorite Beasts for this winter

August 10, 2022

Lookbook XX: Elige tus Bestias favoritos para este invierno - BESTIAS

Winter is a time of year where we provide special care to our fellow travelers, and in that, footwear is a fundamental part of our day to day.

A good leather shoe this season, and we believe that in all seasons, makes a difference. 

In winter, mainly because it is a rainier season and with less stable soils, where we can find puddles, pools, loose tiles that accumulate water, mud, among other aspects.

Therefore, choosing a good companion is an important mission and at Beasts we are ready to help you by showing you three of our main models from our male collection and three from the female collection so you can see why they will be your main ally this season.

Choose your ideal Beasts Macho Collection

Although there are many models that we can recommend, these three that we show you below are ideal for this cold and rainy season.

The allure of the Yeti Black

This Vintage Hiker boot model is an inspiration from the alpine shoes of the 20th century.

They are a model with a lot of presence and strength, resistant and very comfortable.

They have a sole made of recycled rubber and the leather that is left over from the cut of the upper in order to give back to nature what it gives us and take care of it for the new generations.

It is an imposing and very stylish shoe. In addition, its red laces provide a detail that you can combine with other parts of your clothing.

The distinction of the Pegasus

The Pegaso are a line of ankle boots that look great with different looks for different contexts. It is a sober shoe, but with a lot of power that you can use both in more formal situations such as a work meeting and to go to a party or a meeting with friends

The energy the Toffee Bull

This shoe is strength in all its splendor. Its powerful toffee color is responsible for carrying much of the visual combination of your wardrobe. but also its tractor sole and its 100% leather construction (like all our beasts) added to the eco sole based on recycled rubber and leather make this shoe a very infallible route companion for winter.

The best style with the Beasts Female Collection

Every year we are incorporating new models and this year we are happy with the wonders that we show you below.

The resistant and all-terrain Silus Black

We love the Silus Black, because they have multiple features that make this shoe a must-have to get through winter.

In addition to its powerful and beautiful red tractor sole, these shoes are ideal for off-roading with their above-the-ankle height and waterproof leather upper.

The color of the lower part allows you to play with the tones of your outfit so that you can combine them with scarves, hats or a beautiful long coat.

The comfort of the Ursus White

The Ursus are shoes that just by looking at them provide the feeling of comfort and warmth that we need this winter.

But just like the visual impression, the use rectifies that these are two qualities of these shoes.

They are beautiful to be able to combine them with the different shades of your clothes, since the raw white color makes them very versatile.

The elegance and strength of the Dodo black

Comfort and elegance are worn in these shoes all year round, but in winter they are an excellent option to keep your feet warm and look formal and stylish in the various activities you have.

They look great with tight, straight pants, dresses and long coats.

You can also combine them with a black or braco black belt to add a touch of distinction to your look.

quality leather shoe

Do not wait to go for your favorite models and enjoy all the benefits of a quality leather shoe that will accompany you this winter and throughout the year.

Remember that leather shoes are ideal for winter , and all seasons, since they allow the natural regulation of foot temperature, making them dry, free of moisture and warm to face all your activities.

At Bestias we want to offer you the best in quality and design, so we invite you to review our catalog and the advice on trends that we have available for you on our blog. We will wait for you.

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