Lookbook XX: Ideas for autumn females!

April 04, 2022

Lookbook XX: Ideas para hembras de otoño! - BESTIAS

At Bestias we know that in any outfit footwear always plays a very important role in the way we look.

The range of models that we have for you can transform a dress from a more casual look to a more formal one. Or see you from a softer look to a much bolder one.

And it is that the models of Beasts are very versatile and are designed under the greatest care of quality and design, making the ones you choose always stay within the trends over time.

For this reason, we show you some ideas that you can use to combine your Beasts with your outfit and get the most out of your clothing.

Combine your Beasts with a predominant color of your outfit

The tonal games are very striking and important. If you highlight a color that is in your clothing by combining it with the tone of your shoes, you will not fail to attract attention.

Take the opportunity to play with scarves, hats, a blouse or shirt where a color in the same line as your shoes takes center stage.

Leather slippers and dresses

We are far from thinking that dresses go well only with shoes or sandals. The combination of sneakers and long dresses is one of the trends worldwide.

You can also wear them with short dresses. And it is that leather sneakers have the great advantage of being very versatile and look great with everything.

In the case of dresses, you can also play with a jacket or include a belt in the same color as your sneakers. It will give a special touch to your outfit.

Use Beasts with accessories

Shoes that have applications such as buckles or laces have the particularity of standing out on their own and generating a look that you can take advantage of by playing with them, combining them with other accessories in your outfit.

Mix some focus points of the view of who will be watching you. For example, a shoe with large buckles with a matching necklace.

Or if you wear a shoe with some suede application you can include a bag of the style or a banana. There are plenty of options.

Give prominence to your Beasts

Let your shoes look like protagonists of your outfit. How to achieve it? Using simple colors or shades with more intense colored footwear.

Or a monochrome look with a color that stands out in your shoes.

Also the combination in this of boots or ankle boots and a skirt or dress gives a lot of presence to your footwear.

Why include leather shoes in your outfit?

Always the recommendation for any outfit is that you combine it with leather shoes. The reasons?

  • They are more durable than other materials, since leather is naturally resistant, thus generating an extension of its useful life.
  • They have the particularity of being very flexible, so they adapt to the movement of your foot.
  • They always look like a benchmark of global fashion trends.
  • Leather, having a longer useful life, generates less waste, which leads to a lower environmental impact.
  • Leather footwear has better ventilation, since it is a porous material.

leather shoes in your outfit

Surely you already know some points to highlight from your outfit. The important thing is that you always seek to feel comfortable with what you wear. This is the best advice that will make you look confident and confident in whatever you wear.

To do this, make sure that the elements that you include in your outfit are always of the best quality and of the design that you like the most.

Visit our Beasts page to find the model you need for your outfit. We will wait for you.

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