Lookbook XX: Hats and music festivals

March 31, 2022

Lookbook XX: Sombreros y festivales de música - BESTIAS

At Bestias we love concerts, gigs and any musical expression, for this reason we have long hoped to be able to attend recitals or music festivals again.

And it is that before the pandemic there was a wide range of concert offers, with artists from all over the world.

Festivals worldwide have been characterized by being a meeting space and generating trends in various styles. For something it is not by chance that music and fashion are closely linked.

But apart from just talking about a trend, there are certain aspects of clothing for these occasions that also have a practical meaning, such as the use of hats.

In this article we tell you more about this statement and the reasons why hats become an essential element for an outdoor concert.

Hats and music: why join them?

There are several reasons to answer this question. But the main one is that we are very clear that today, most festivals are held outdoors.

In this context, you spend many hours in the sun or in warmer contexts. Even if there is no direct sun, it is important to take care of UV rays at all times.

Hats are a great ally in this task, since they protect your head from the effects of the sun and are also a very stylish accessory.

So, there we answer the other part of this question. Match music and hats. Yes, fashion trends are also developed in group meetings and in that the festivals reach high concentrations and exposure, not only face-to-face but also everything that happens before, during and after the show in the activities on social networks.

Did you know that the hashtag #festival exceeds 40 million publications and the #musicfestival exceeds 5 million. Clear reasons to understand why the big brands in the fashion industry always want to be present at these events.

And not only fashion brands, but in general all the trends that are developed worldwide, from influencers, media, food brands, among others.

If we think about this wide range of confluences in music festivals, we will understand why it becomes the right place for the propagation of the new influences of the year.

But, whatever the influence, always a hat of quality and beautiful design, it will be an object of attention wherever you go.

hats and music

Next time you go to a concert, pay attention to how many people are wearing hats. Or maybe if you remember the last time you went to one you know that it was a large part of the public.

So what are you waiting for to wear yours?

Look at Bestias for quality and design in hats and caps, as well as in our footwear and accessories so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

We invite you to review our collection and to wear your favorite accessories to your next recital , so you can enjoy the pleasure of your favorite music and feel great with your look. Visit us.

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