Trades & processes: why prefer our leather belts

August 04, 2022

Oficios & procesos: por qué preferir  nuestros cinturones de cuero - BESTIAS

At Bestias we love details and we love to worry about providing the best design and quality in all our products and obviously accessories are no exception.

Because a beautiful design is not very useful if we use materials that are not of quality and that provide us with durability, comfort and that are what we are really looking for in an object that will accompany us in various contexts.

In this, a good and beautiful belt becomes essential to accompany you in your daily routines and walk as comfortable as possible without worrying about breakage or wear after a short time of use. There leather is the king of kings and our best ally in clothing.

All this is not just a choice for mere taste, that is why this article will show you some important reasons why to choose it.

The great flexibility and durability of leather

Leather has the natural property of being very flexible and elastic. This allows it to conform to the texture of our body and is ideal for making a belt.

In addition, this flexibility allows it not to tend to generate folds that end in tears or shredded parts in the buckle sector, which is where it has the most traction with daily use.

Therefore, leather belts are much more durable than other materials, allowing your investment to have the guarantee of durability and quality.

It is always a trend in the making of accessories

Another very important reason for choosing them is that they are always a trend in the world of fashion and thus a guarantee of style.

Our belts seek to give you a bold and versatile look, since we know that you can use them in different contexts, that's why we are always attentive to new trends in design and looking for the best elements to make them.

It is a material that generates waste with less degradation time

Unlike other synthetic materials, leather being natural has a lower degradation process, which contributes to generating less environmental waste and causing less impact on the emission of garbage and waste.

The designs that allow us to deliver

The versatility of leather allows you to use its natural tones or dye it so you can choose the one you like best to combine it with your favorite outfits.

In addition, we mix them with a range of metal buckles that transform a belt into an accessory with a lot of personality.

trend in men's belts

At Bestias we have a range of belts available for you to use as you like.

Remember that we have various designs such as the thoroughbred, the classic and border for the male collection and the great brac, western, monstera, asio, ara, among others in the female collection.

They go very well with jeans, dresses, pants, skirts, among others, but above all they are the perfect link for your beastly footwear.

Visit our collection of accessories and find your next belt. You will love them!

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