Trades & Processes: Handmade shoes, the importance of materials

December 20, 2021

Oficios & Procesos: Zapatos hechos a mano, la importancia de los materiales - BESTIAS

When we look for a shoe we hope that it will accompany us to face our activities, with a look with which we feel comfortable, since they are a very important garment in our clothing, since they accompany us for many hours in each of our tasks and can play a fundamental role in the style of our outfit.

But clearly a beautiful shoe made with low quality materials or in a careless way can be a big problem for our feet, our health and comfort.

In this opportunity we invite you to know some of the characteristics for which a handmade shoe is incomparable and always an excellent option.

Why are materials important in making footwear?

The care of the materials for the manufacture of any product is essential for the final quality of these. It's like cooking, if we get good quality materials, our preparation will have the results we expect. On the contrary, the use of an old or low-end element can totally transform a recipe. In the case of the manufacture of footwear and accessories, this is the same.

A quality shoe must be made with quality materials that allow external factors such as rain, terrain, hours of use, among others, to be considered.

Therefore, the recommended material to use is always leather. The reasons? We tell you below.

Reasons why you should prefer leather shoes

As we pointed out earlier, leather is an ideal material for making footwear, since it has multiple advantages that allow this material to become a quality, comfortable and stylish tool.

  • Leather is a flexible material: therefore, it easily accommodates different types of feet, allowing the elasticity of the material not to damage the skin or generate discomfort after hours of use.

  • It is highly resistant: For this reason, it has a longer useful life than other materials and can be subjected to more extreme conditions of use. In addition, being flexible and resistant, it does not tend to crack like other synthetic materials, which also influences the duration and aesthetics of the footwear.

  • It is a porous material: And this is directly related to breathability, which facilitates the self-regulation of the temperature of your feet, generating ventilation in hot conditions and keeping them warm in cold times. Also, this quality allows the possibility of generating humid conditions in the foot that can give rise to fungi and bacteria to be reduced.

  • Leather is biodegradable: This reason is extremely important for those of us who think about the use of sustainable components that contribute to caring for the environment. Unlike other materials, leather, being more resistant, has greater durability, avoiding discarding and also has a much faster decomposition, which generates less waste projection for future generations.

  • Leather is easy to clean: Contrary to popular belief, leather is an easy material to clean and maintain. Just a few basic cares are enough for you to always keep them impeccable. Visit our care recommendations to find out how to maintain them.

  • It is also important to know that leather is a material that does not go out of style and is always a trend among the recommended materials around the world for the manufacture of footwear and accessories.

    In addition, it has the imprint of being a noble and elegant material, even in casual or more sporty contexts.

    In short, leather is by far an ideal material for making comfortable and quality footwear.

    Every care in the realization of a product provides the necessary elements to obtain a final result that makes the difference between other products available on the market.

    For this reason, we invite you to get to know the models that we have at Bestiasxx, all made with the best elements under the care that always characterizes us to deliver the best in design, comfort and quality. We will wait for you.

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