We believe in making good products that last over time

Bestias®, is a brand that forges its existence from local manufacturing, the preservation of the shoemaker's trade and fair trade with all our suppliers and collaborators. We understand sustainability as a whole; social, ecological and commercial.

Our shoes are manufactured in our factory in the heart of the Victoria neighborhood in Santiago Centro. Handmade by experienced master shoemakers, in small batches. We work with the best materials and processes available, always preferring natural materials that ensure quality and durability. We believe that a shoe should last for years in order to share infinite moments. After all… the best way to produce less waste is not to produce it.

We seek to transcend trends, we design timeless and versatile products, perfect for dressing in different contexts without losing authenticity. We try to make you have fewer but better products available in your arsenal.

We seek to leave as little footprint as possible, which is why all our packaging is plastic-free, recyclable or compostable. We reuse scraps and leftovers in the development of new products or donate them to local artisans to collaborate in their endeavors.

Let's be honest, like many industries, producing shoes pollutes the environment, but we firmly believe that if we can make your shoe stay with you for a long time, we will be helping to create less waste and a better world.