Shoe Care & Maintenance of your Shoes

For the longest duration and preservation of our products, follow the following care instructions.


Cleaning leather shoes should proceed in the following order. First, you rub the entire leather surface with a soft brush or gauze. Circular movements are very effective in removing all the accumulated dust. Then cover the shoes with leather wax, we recommend a neutral wax. There are also gel cleaners on the market that clean and renew the leather, they are highly recommended. Let dry for a couple of minutes and then, using a clean rag, buff the wax to a natural shine. We recommend cleaning them periodically at least once a month, if their use is constant.

To waterproof the leather and help it maintain itself during the winter, it is ideal to polish them periodically with horse fat that you can find in shoe stores. This seals and protects the leather against humidity and winter rains.

For very persistent stains, apply neutral soap with a damp cloth and then continue with the previous steps.

Leather products can be susceptible to temperature changes and can change their shape if not properly maintained. It is always advisable to store them in lasts in order to maintain their original shape for longer.

Suede, Nubuck, Chamois

For this type of leather, it is best to use a special spray for this type of material in order to avoid possible stains. There are a variety of foam cleansers and liquid shampoos on the market. Do not use any type of cream or cleansers of greasy origin, otherwise you will lose its “fluffy” finish.

It is advisable to spray the shoes with waterproofing spray (3M Scotchguard). These will help you protect your shoes from the rain and repel stains better.