Kit Cleaner - Smooth Leather [detox lab]

Cleans, renews and protects surfaces from:

The pack contains:
- Smooth Leather Cleaner - 90ml.
- Essential Cream - 60ml.
- Applicator sponge

Instructions --> Save your BEASTS!

1. Remove the laces and inner soles of the shoe, if applicable.
2. Remove the dust from your BEASTS with the [detox lab] Natural Brush . Brush your shoes briskly, using circular motions.
3. Use the sponge to moisten the shoe with water
4. Shake the [detox lab] Smooth Leather Pack well and apply on the sponge.
5. Rub the sponge evenly across the item you wish to clean.
6. Let dry in the shade and in a ventilated place.
7. Once dry, apply [detox lab] Essential Cream . Press the container gently until the cream appears. Apply the product evenly throughout the shoe in circular motions.
8. Let dry in the shade and in a ventilated place .
*If you want to give it a shine (in the case of smooth leathers), polish it with a soft cloth.

Warning: DO NOT APPLY PRODUCT on suede / chamois / nubuck / textiles.
We always recommend doing a test on non-visible parts.