Cleanser Kit - Nubuck [detox lab]

Intense Action Pack for Cleaning Shoes & Accessories
Ideal for Suede Leather and Textiles.:

The pack contains:
- Shampoo - 150ml.
- Natural Brush
- Applicator sponge

Instructions --> Save your BEASTS!

1. Remove the laces and inner soles of the shoe, if applicable.
2. Remove the dust from your BEASTS with the [detox lab] Natural Brush . Brush your shoes briskly, using circular motions.
3. Use the sponge to moisten the shoe with water.
4. Shake the [detox lab] Shampoo well and apply generously to the sponge.
5. Rub the sponge evenly across the item you wish to clean. Repeat as many times as necessary
6. Rinse the sponge in clean water. With it, remove dirt and excess shampoo.
7. Let dry in the shade and in a ventilated place.

To keep Nubuck / Chamois / Suede shoes in better condition and longer, we recommend applying [detox lab] Eco Waterproofing , after cleaning.